PeoplePrints 3D Helps You Create Your Own Mini Me

There’s a new trend in 3D printing where you can get your body scanned and printed into a figurine. Bodypainting is an excellent way to get creative with…

photographer: Antwone Walters
TWITTER: @PowerfulAntwone
IG: AntwoneDW

Bodypaint.Me at Philly Naked Bike Ride 2015

Our message of cycling advocacy and body positivity was heard loud and clear in the streets and in the news all over the world! Philly Naked Bike Ride…


NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

The theme for NYC Bodypainting Day 2016 was “Inner Beauty” and our participating artist, Matt Deifer, painted Ri live in the streets of Manhattan in front of thousands…

Matt Deifer Documentary

Matt Deifer – The Documentary

People always ask us how Bodypaint.Me was started. It’s always a fun story to tell and now thanks to Get Hype Productions we can show you! Check out…


Bodypaint Jam with Steve Shorts and Matt Deifer

Our friend and long-time collaborator, Steve Shorts, asked us to set up a bodypaint jam in our studio. We happily obliged and lined up a couple of our…


Blacklight Training Session with Joy Taney

Joy Taney, Bodypaint.Me’s newest painter extraordinaire, headed into our studio to discover the magic behind blacklight bodypainting. Joy has recently moved to Philly after developing a successful career…