Our friend and long-time collaborator, Steve Shorts, asked us to set up a bodypaint jam in our studio. We happily obliged and lined up a couple of our favorite models. It was a casual session and all the designs were improvised. Here are the results of the jam!

Steve painted a phoenix-inspired piece on Danielle that is similar to his large scale oil-canvas paintings.

steve shorts

Here’s the painting Matt Deifer created. He used a gold metallic base and experimented with different colored lights on Alyssa.

matt deifer

If you would like to participate in an upcoming bodypaint jam contact us! We’re always looking for new people to collaborate with!

Bodypainters: Matt Deifer, Steve Shorts
Photographer: Matt Deifer
Models: Danielle Soboleski, Alyssa Poulton
Location: Bodypaint.Me Studio, Philly, PA
Date: June 22, 2016