We were hired to paint some grimey body art on the cast for GoldenSpiral’s new music video! Check it out… and crank up the bass!

Psy-Fi Productions Presents: goldenSpiral – Intro to Soundbombing
from his upcoming EP- GuerillaMode:ENGAGE / release date: 8/29/12
(free download at: www.goldenspiralsound.com + www.facebook.com/goldenspiralsound)
Directed by Rec the Director for NoiseMakerzTV
Additional Contributers:
JK Concepts (www.facebook.com/JKConcepts)
BodyPaint.Me (www.Bodypaint.Me)
Gloss Black (www.GlossBlack.org)
The Blockley (www.theblockley.com)
Joe Norris Photography (www.facebook.com/joenophoto)

Bodypainter: Matt Deifer
Videographer: Rec the Director
Models: Intro to Soundbombing cast members
Location: Underground, Cherry Hill, NJ
Date: June 7, 2012