We collaborated with the stunning model, Nicole Angelica, and Oddzilla a few weeks ago. Check out our sugar skull painting on their new moombahcore track and have a listen on Moombahton.net!

And come out tonight and hear it played on a mega soundsystem at Soundgarden Hall! We’ll be there painting sugar skulls on the crowd!

Tickets and more info

Oddzilla is a two man wrecking crew, featuring the production stylings of G Buck & Architekt. Their interesting blend of influences make for an earth shaking, genre bending edm experience. Their mix of midi controller beat effects & thrashing turntablism keeps dance floors guessing & begging for more. Expect an ep release from this duo soon.

Bodypainter: Matt Deifer
Photographer: Matt Deifer
Model: Nicole Angelica
Location: Bodypaint.Me Studio, Philly, PA
Date: October 8, 2013