Blacklight Sugar Skull for Night of the Day Glo Dead

Bodypainter: Matt Deifer
Photographer: Matt Deifer
Model: Anna Lech
Location: Bodypaint.Me Studio
Date: September 14, 2013

* Shout out to our very own bodypainter AND model, Anna Lech, for modeling for Don McCloskey’s second edition of his Night of the Day Glo Dead party. Matt and Anna will both be at the venue painting complimentary Day Glo skulls on everybody! The party sold out last year so grab your tickets while they’re still available!

Don McCloskey

Don McCloskey is an independent artist based in Brooklyn, NY who infuses folk music with elements of rock, hip-hop, electronica, country, pop and world music. His lyrics often deal with the themes of love, sex, war, spirituality, world religions, American politics, his hometown (Bristol), literature and pop culture. He often incorporates humor and satire in his lyrics particularly with his alter-ego Big D, a depraved, destitute character who celebrates the superflous (My Focken Glockenspiel), being broke (Return Of The D) and his own greatness (Up In This, King of Discount Ho’s). McCloskey has co-produced and distributed three full-length albums (Bombs Over Bristol, Northern Liberties, Corporal Spirits) in addition to two live albums, an EP and dozens of unreleased tracks. His regular live performances in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Boston have earned him a dedicated following. His music has been featured in film, television and commercials including It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Hills and Michael Moore’s Academy award-winning documentary, Bowling for Columbine. He has toured nationally both independently and in support of G. Love and Special Sauce and Donavon Frankenreiter. He was instrumental in bringing the cast of It’s Always Sunny to the stage for The Nightman Cometh Live and opened the performances at The Troubadour, Beacon and Tower Theater in LA, New York and Philadelphia. His newest album, Corporal Spirits was co-produced with Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Josh Ritter). In order to preserve the human element of record-making, a ten-piece band cut all tracks live without the use of overdubs, edits or the aid of a click track. The songwriting, music and production draws inspiration from half a century of American and British recordings from 50’s doo-wop to The Pixies. His lyrical influences are laid bare in this collection from Scott Walker and Leonard Cohen to Paul Simon.

For tickets visit!

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