Blacklight Training Session with Joy Taney

Joy Taney, Bodypaint.Me’s newest painter extraordinaire, headed into our studio to discover the magic behind blacklight bodypainting. Joy has recently moved to Philly after developing a successful career as a comic book artist and muralist. She is currently featured on the brand new Skin Wars’ spin off show called Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. The concept of the show is to feature artists, who have no bodypaint experience, from all over the country that are the top in their field and have them compete against each other. All while being mentored by a professional bodypainter. Crash course style!

Here’s a screen shot of Joy on the show. She’s a total pro and learning fast! But it can be a very frustrating medium to work with! Especially blacklight! That paint is in a world of its own.

Itching to learn more she approached Bodypaint.Me artist and founder, Matt Deifer, to team up and continue to explore the awesome world of bodypainting. All the collaborators met at Infusion Lounge beforehand where we host a weekly Tuesday night bodypaint party called Paint City.

After discovering that she never used blacklight bodypaint we knew what had to be done. We brought Danielle Soboleski into the studio and Matt gave a quick demonstration on her back and explained some of his beginner and advanced techniques.

Here is the final piece! This approach was more about technique and experimentation vs creating a final masterpiece. We love how it came out!

Joy Taney

Joy Taney

Bodypainter: Joy Taney, short demo by Matt Deifer
Photographer: Matt Deifer
Model: Danielle Sobeleski
Location: Bodypaint.Me Studio, Philly, PA
Date: May 1, 2016

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