Tips For Models

Following are Tips from Models, Taken From World Body Painting Championship organizer Karala Barendregt’s book “Bringing Body Painting to Life”.

“Modeling for Body painting is an amazing experience that can build confidence and open up areas of a person’s character they haven’t explored before. Any person can try it so use the opportunity to enjoy and explore.”

Getting Ready
Remove body hair when necessary. Moisturize the evening before but not in the morning unless the artist specifies.
Bring – G-string, white without lace or decoration.
A black G-string is better for a UV painting.
Hair brush, soap and baby oil for hard to remove paint, shampoo and scrubber. Camera. Comfortable robe, towel and clothes that can get dirty. Paper towels. Healthy snacks. CDs if needed for a performance.

Stretch well before painting starts to start off with a warmed up body. This helps to avoid cramps and to stay focused. It is easier to pose after the painting is finished.

Throughout the Day
Try to keep the body as relaxed as possible. Drink water in small mouthfuls spaced over time.
Drinking a whole bottle of water at once makes going to the toilet more constant.
Keep muscles warm by tensing and relaxing them. Do mini stretches that don’t disturb the artist.
Eat food that will give energy but not be too heavy or messy.
Fruit, muesli, light grainy bread can make good energy snacks.
Sugar gives a fast boost but no lasting energy so don’t rely on it all day.
Energy drinks or energy lozenges are good just before going on stage or into the photography area but don’t use them all day as they can also bring on a drop in energy.

Be aware of artist needs!
Where are they painting?
Is it a small detail?
Can you move to help?
Do you already know your artist?
If not speak with them about their idea so that you can prepare yourself for your performance and posing.
Do they have music for you to dance to? Listen to it when possible.

A performance should have a beginning, middle and end.
Move in an appropriate way to reflect the body art.
Be dramatic. Make eye contact with the audience, photographers and video crew, and interact.
Enjoy it! Make every performance something to remember.

Photographing the art work is very important as it is the only way to preserve body art.
Do a variety of poses that complement the artwork.
Don’t move too quickly as the photographers need time to frame their pictures. Listen to the camera flashes!
If the photographers are clicking furiously then it is a good pose.
Keep it a little longer and try to make eye contact with all of the photographers.
Do small variations on that pose.
When the flashes go quiet then try something new. Make eye contact! Change facial expressions! Try poses that use a variety of levels and make it interesting. Use the ground, and the air, jump, fly, be alive.

Showering. When paint is difficult to remove, try baby oil. If the artist has used glues to attach things then they may have a specific solution to remove the glue.

Stretch again before sleeping to avoid waking up with a cramp.

Here’s something our friend Wolf Reicherter posted on Facebook. Great tips for getting that bodypaint off!

A good cosmetics oil should, or baby oil, and in a pinch olive oil, be applied before you start to wash off bodypaint. The oil helps break down the paint and then it’s much easier to wash off.

-First oil, smudge all over.
-Then rinse once with warm, not hot, water (hot water only opens up your pore and then scrubbing will lodge the pigment even firmer in your skin)
-Then use soap shampoo shower gel
-If still colored, NOW is the time for hot water scrubbing. And an exfoliating glove.

The following article on does a great job explaining how to best collaborate with your photographer. We highly recommend everything on this list!


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