NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

The theme for NYC Bodypainting Day 2016 was “Inner Beauty” and our participating artist, Matt Deifer, painted Ri live in the streets of Manhattan in front of thousands of eager onlookers. Her back piece showcased a tombstone with the words “Here Lie Self Hate” and a decrepit skull and bones sat in front of it, covered in ivy. The front of his model featured a human heart that blossomed with an abundance of plant life and was adorned with a dove carrying a red ribbon in the shape of a heart. Another ribbon was wrapped around the the front of her body that stated “Love Your Self.”

NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

Young Naturists America posted photos of our model stating we had the most on point message and we’re super happy to experience that level of appreciation!

Every year is a different adventure and we’re honored to have been able to not only paint at this event but help with marketing and promotions. We reached out to several of our contacts in the media and were able to bring out the Associated Press. After the event was over they released the story and it was picked by major news sites all over the world. Here’s one of our favorite articles that was published in the Daily Mail. It really captures the spirit of Bodypainting Day and they even mentioned our artist and our next big event, Philly Naked Bike Ride!

Now that the event is over we were able to sift through thousands of images and articles and pick out some of our favorite moments that were captured. Scroll down to become part of of post-Bodypainting Day adventure and be sure to click play and watch the videos!

NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

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Click play to watch our model dancing at the drum circle! This was a ton of fun and certainly a highlight of the evening!

There’s much more to be said about this spectacular event. If you want to learn all about it take a look at some of the press!

If you want to particpate in the next Bodypainting Day you don’t have to wait until next year. There are events happening in Brussels, Amsterdam and San Francisco too! Read all about it at

Bodypainter: Matt Deifer
Miron Abramovici
Ruben Garcia
Winston Rodney
Sandio M.Moran Photography
Chung Yi
Model: Ri
Location: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, NY
Date: July 9, 2016
Event: NYC Bodypainting Day

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    Hi love nude body painting its so libarating great to strange women of all shapes nude and painted power to you all so bye now love ye all