We were hired to cast and paint some models for a music video at the Tiberino Museum. Check it out!

“BlueSky SunnyDay” was shot at the Tiberino Museum featuring The Joe Tiberino Supremes, including Lily Cheshire Amberg, Brittany Hewett and Sabrina Reissman. Directed by Bryan Calvetti, with some help from Joe Tiberino, Raphael Tiberino, and Gabe Tiberino. Rick Moore, Mark Miller and Bunny Savage are on guitars playing alongside Joe Scuderi, who wrote the song. Matt Deifer and Gabe painted the girls.

Bodypainters: Matt Deifer and Gabe Tiberino
Videographer: Bryan Calvetti
Models: Lily, Sabrina and Brittany
Location: The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum, Philly, PA
Date: March 31, 2012