Here are some photos and the full five minute clip that features Trina Merry and her bodypaint crew for “Itte Q” on the Japanese tv station Nippon TV. It’s currently the most popular entertainment show in Japan with about 20 million people watching each episode! It was such an awesome experience assisting Trina and working with such a talented crew of models, painters and videographers!

Trina Merry Bodypaint Segment for "Itte Q" by bodypaintme

Itte Q
Bodypaint.Me founder, Matt Deifer, helps Trina Merry plan out her human sculpture.

Itte Q
Here’s the final image of the human Ducati!

Itte Q

Itte Q

Itte Q

Itte Q

Itte Q

Bodypaint and photography: Trina Merry

Bodypaint assistants:
Gina Fernandez
Michael Rosner
Margie Nugent
Matt Deifer

Rider: Maya Duani
Windshield: Nana Suzuki
Middle motorcycle body: Jessica Mellow and Brenna Bradbury
Tires: Dara Swisher & Natasha Marwick

This bodypainting was featured in a color full page spread in the New York Post on Halloween and went viral throughout the world! Check out some of the publicity!

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