Philadelphia based artists Charles Cerrone and Matt Deifer have ushered in their new studio partnership with their first collaborative project, “Convergence: Cross-Pollinating Light Spectrums.”

Prior to sharing a studio with Deifer, Cerrone cut his teeth in advertising and commercial industries under his company, Cerrone Photography. With a focus on aggressively documenting both the real and surreal through a lighting-centric aesthetic, Cerrone has rapidly built a significant and ever-expanding following around his work.

Deifer has spent years establishing Bodypaint.Me, his bodypainting company that both empowers people and builds confidence by creating an immersive living art experience. What began as an underground live art spectacle has since exploded into an internationally recognized movement. Deifer’s work has been featured in magazines, television and other media outlets both stateside and overseas.

Focusing their respective specialties, Cerrone and Deifer spent countless hours on what became an artistic obsession of crafting, illuminating and capturing a vivid transformative process. Utilizing delicate, complex lighting and intricate multi-media painting techniques on a living canvas, “Convergence” gives a brief glimpse into a world of harmonious yet elusive light spectrums.

This project marks the first step in a long-term collaboration for Cerrone and Deifer. Between both artists their client list spans from Fortune 500 companies to internationally touring artists and productions. Moving forward, the duo plans to continue pushing the boundaries of their artistic adventures.


Bodypainter: Matt Deifer
Photographer: Charles Shan Cerrone
Models: Lena, Mariah
Assistants: Matt Mangigian, Dan Halma
Contributing Writer: Dan Halma
Location: Bodypaint.Me and Cerrone Photo Studio, Philly, PA
Date: Spring 2015