That was wild! Soooo much love to everyone that came out and showed up for our debut of Cat Face and the soft launch of the Majic Factory with our amazing friends Majic Meows! This new bodypaint party puts the bodypainters and models on the main stage where you can watch this beautiful live art performance right in front of your eyes! Pull up a seat in our lounge and relax and watch the art come alive. Or dance under the disco ball and peer from afar! Then, you get to be the art and get painted! For this edition we had Matt Deifer and Pashur painting Serina Synn and Miss Ruby Lee. The next Cat Face is on May 6th. Grab your $10 presale tickets and get your bodypaint on!!

Bodypainters: Matt Deifer and Pashur and Cat Faces by Brie
Models: Serinna Synn and Miss Ruby Lee
Photography: Matt Deifer, Gryphon and Daric Johnson
Locations: The Majic Factory, Los Angeles, CA
Date: April 1, 2023