Cat Face Round 2! We went all out with our sparkles and shine during this live painting experience! The contrast of silver liquid makeup with bright neon patterns adorned with glitter and gemstones really set this look OFF! Fun fact: One of our models, Ixa, was in town from Berlin. We haven’t been in the same space for over 8 years. You might recall our Glow Garden parties and tons of other bodypaint parties we co-produced with this artistic genius. Reuniting with our good friend for another bodypainted adventure was a beautiful cosmic coincidence and we can’t wait to work together again!

Bodypainters: Matt Deifer, Melissa Ladybug, Miho, Cat Face by Mary Jane
Models: Serinna Synn, Lily Ly, Ixa and Cat Face Audience Members
Photography: Matt Deifer, Gryphon, Daric Johnson, Made From Necessity
Location: The Majic Factory, Los Angeles, CA
Date: April 1, 2023