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Tiger Bodypaint for Glow Garden: Kat Face Edition

You gotta admit. Cats are pretty rad. They’ve taken the internet by storm with all their cute and hilarious antics and have stolen then hearts of families all…

Bodypaint and Bass at 24,000 Beats Under the Sea

24,000 Beats Under the Sea is the fourth installment of a long series of parties produced by the infamous Disorient and Space Pirates crews. Developed as a fundraiser…

Blacklight Hoop Dancer

Hoop dancers and blacklights. What’s not to love? Here at Bodypaint.Me we have had the honor of painting some seriously talented hoopers live at events all over the…

Nice Sprites – Blacklight Bodypainting

There’s a brave new world out there that exists in the ultraviolet spectrum and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of this fascinating light source. So open…

Supernova, Bodypaint

Supernova Blacklight Bodypainting

Bodypainter: Matt Deifer Photographer: Matt Deifer Model: Dylee Location: Bodypaint.Me Studio, Philly, PA Date: December 11, 2013

GoldenSpiral’s ‘Moon Bounce’ Video Release Party

Bodypainter: Matt Deifer Photographer: TCD Photography Model: Jasmine Location: Underground Arts, Philly, PA Date: October 18, 2013 Event: GoldenSpiral’s ‘Moon Bounce’ Video Release Party